4 Mistakes in a Fat Loss Phase

A goal of fat loss (or weight loss) is probably the most common goal I see. Whether it is 10 or 40 or 80 pounds, most of us have tried to lose weight before.

When it comes to fat loss, a calorie deficit is necessary. There are numerous ways to achieve one, but without one fat loss will not occur.

Sounds simple, right? Yes, the concept of eating in a calorie deficit is simple... but it is definitely not easy.

As someone who has spent a lot of time in a fat loss phase, my biggest realization came from being honest with myself about the consistency and accuracy of my plan. Sure, I was tracking my food intake… but not as accurately as I could have. Yes, Monday to Friday I was INTENSE! I had tunnel vision… I only ate “clean” foods that fit inside a very aggressive calorie deficit. But when the weekend rolled around, I slowly transitioned into more “loose” tracking and by Sunday night I was ready to start over again on Monday.

This vicious cycle is exhausting. I felt like a hamster on a wheel, trying so hard and getting no where. After years of doing this, it was clear this was not going to bring me to my goals so I tried a different approach.

I am sharing the 5 fat loss essentials that helped me personally see progress towards my goal:

Consistent and Accurate Calorie Deficit

Biggest mistake I corrected was I actually started eating in a calorie deficit… and not for 4 days, but for an extended period of time. I purchased a food scale and began weighing all my portion sizes (see below the importance of weighing food portions accurately when in a calorie deficit).

I included all cooking oils, sauces, bites, licks and tastes. These things can seriously add up and put you over your deficit for the day. I did this consistently over weekends also for weeks at a time.

Ditched the “Clean” Eating Only

Instead of limiting myself to lettuce and egg whites which inevitably led me to eating peanut butter out of the jar by Friday night, I made room and included some of my favourite “fun” foods each day into my calorie goal. I tracked them, ate them, enjoyed them and moved on.

High Protein Target

I set my protein target to 1g per pound of body weight. In order to hit this goal, I had to plan each meal around a protein source. This helped me stay full and feel satisfied throughout the day.

Added High Volume

To manage the inevitable hunger in a calorie deficit, I added high volume low calorie foods to my meals. Instead of just having a wrap for lunch, I would pair it with a large portion of snap peas or cucumber slices on the side.

Adequate Rest and Sleep

There is concrete evidence and numerous studies linking sleep to fat loss. When we are well rested, we make better decisions and adhere to our plan. Rest days are equally important to recover as workouts are.

In addition to these tips, the most important thing is PATIENCE and CONSISTENCY! Losing 2lbs a month is GREAT progress. Feeling better in your clothes is also progress. Look out for different markers besides just scale weight to assess how your progress is going.

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