The Scale is Up… Now What?

You’ve been tracking your macros perfectly, hitting your steps, getting your water in and working out according to your plan… you wake up, step on the scale and its up 3lbs from the last time you weighed yourself.

This is something that discourages most people, even if you logically know weight fluctuations are normal. Since this happened to me this week, I thought I would share some insight and tips on how to manage this for the best possible outcome.

Weigh Yourself Everyday

I know this sounds counter-intuitive, but weighing yourself everyday can actually help you understand weight fluctuations and remove emotional attachment to them. I recommend an app called ‘Happy Scale’ which tracks weekly moving averages. There have been days where my scale weight is up, but seeing that my average that week it is actually lower than the previous week before is a great motivating perspective.

Control What You Can

You are not in control of the number on the scale. Some things you can control are your nutrition, steps, hydration, and exercise. When you put more emphasis on the things you can actually control, you take your power back! And if your ultimate goal is fat loss, staying in control with your habits will bring you closer to that goal.

Set Realistic Goals

Maintaining a new low weight IS progress. Losing 0.5lbs a week IS amazing progress! Comparing your journey to someone else’s, or even to a past version of yourself will not only just steal your joy, but also contribute nothing to your ultimate goal.

Overall, the scale is one tool to use in your journey, but weighing yourself should not be something that has a ton of emotion attached to it. Understanding that daily fluctuations are normal is a huge mindset shift for most people, and I hope this blog post provides some insight on how to get there!

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