What is Messy Action?

If you feel that perfectionism is holding you back from reaching your goals, this blog post is for you!

The problem with the perfect plan or perfect time to start is that it does not exist. We can get so fixated on waiting for the perfect alignment of circumstances in our lives to take action. I am a type A personality so I get it… messy action seems chaotic… we like clean organized plans. But what if waiting for those perfect plans is actually taking us further away from our goals?

Learning to take messy action and implementing this as a strategy was game changing for me. One small change leads us to the next small change, and over time a little by little becomes a LOT.

I actually applied this advice to this blog… it took me forever to get it started because I couldn’t find the perfect name, the perfect theme… even down to the perfect font! So one day I took messy action and just freely wrote my first blog post from my phone.

Examples of Messy Action:

  • Tracking your protein only instead of all three macros
  • Doing a 15 minute bodyweight workout while dinner is in the oven
  • Guesstimating calories in a homemade dish when calorie tracking
  • Eating fast food for breakfast, but choosing a healthier option for lunch

My advice to you today is to JUMP IN… even if it is messy! Every decision you make, no matter how small, can take you closer to your end goal.

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