5 Tips That Will Actually Help You Drink More Water

Besides sleep, I believe water is one of the most underrated things to not only help you on your weight loss journey, but improve your overall health.

Below are 5 tips that help me drink more water:

First Things First

Before coffee or breakfast I have a non-negotiable 500ml (minimum) of water. This ensures I don’t forget about it after my day gets going and helps me feel hydrated as soon as I wake up.

Make it Your Own

Water is just the base… add whatever flavour boosters you like! Some of my favourite combos are mint-cucumber or strawberry-lemon. Something as simple as fresh fruit and herbs in your water makes it feel fancy and spa-like… and you deserve that 😉

Other Drinks Count

At lunch time, I always opt for a sparkling water beverage with flavour. In the winter months, I love steeping tea for a flavourful warm drink.

Using a Straw

For me, a straw helps cue my mind to take frequent sips. During my early postpartum and breastfeeding journey the thirst was indescribable. I found the best water bottle on Amazon that is 64oz with a straw- it even has motivational time markings on the side of the bottle (linking that here.)

Track Your Intake

If you are really struggling with getting enough water, tracking when you drink can be a great motivator. There are many apps available, like WaterMinder, that can help you stay on track with your water goals.

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