4 Tips to Fight Grocery Inflation

It is no secret that the cost of living has skyrocketed over the past year. Being on maternity leave, this year has been extra challenging for our household to manage increased expenses. Below are some basic tips that I use to make each grocery shop a little bit easier on our wallet!

*DISCLAIMER* this post does not mention couponing or price matching. While those can be great ways to save $, they are excluded from this article.

Check The Flyer Weekly

I alternate between two grocery stores, depending on what is on special that week. I choose ONE store and create my meal plan for the week based on what is on special + what I already have in my freezer/pantry. The main thing I look for in the flyer is meat/protein sources, which tend to be the most expensive items on our list. For example, if one of my preferred stores has lean ground beef on sale, I will include meatballs and tacos in my meal plan that week. Then I check for what produce is also on sale at that store and base my sides on that.

Plan Meals Ahead to Eliminate Waste

Having a general idea on what you are going to make for dinner each week is not only a helpful way to adhere to your nutritional goals, but it also helps ensure minimal food waste. Only buy what you need that week (unless you plan on freezing it). I plan my meals during the week once the flyers come out and do my shopping on the weekend.

Budget Friendly Produce

Two of my go to budget friendly vegetables are a bag of carrots and cabbage. Both are relatively cheap and stretch a long way. Plus, they last several days without spoiling (unlike a box of spinach!). Roasted red cabbage with olive oil and seasonings is one of my favourite side dishes. With a big bag of carrots I love making carrot soup and carrot fries for a burger night. Bananas are inexpensive and great for smoothies. I always buy a 3lb bag of apples and bake a healthy apple crisp for dessert a couple times a week. In addition to these staples, whichever produce is on special that week I will throw in my cart to make as my vegetable side for dinners.

Pantry Staples

As most of us know, rice and beans are cost friendly. Spice them up to add flavor. Since they can be calorie dense, I usually throw about 1 cup of cooked rice and beans mixture into a large green salad for a delicious and filling meal.

Overall, I really utilize weekly specials in my meal planning and choose low costing options (e.g. generic brands) to help keep costing down. I hope these tips are helpful to you and can be implemented in your future shops!

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