Ending the Year Strong

We have ONE month left of 2022 and while it is tempting to say “screw it, I’ll start fresh in January”, we can also take a different approach. I don’t know about you, but I can do a LOT of damage in 4 weeks. So if I flip the switch on that, I suppose I can make a lot of positive impact in 4 weeks also!

Committing to extremes during a busy holiday season with more social events and fun foods is just not realistic. Here are 3 reasonable things I am choosing to do all of December to get ahead of my January goals:

Movement Everyday

This can be an actual gym workout, a walk outside, a YouTube yoga or pilates video – the options are endless. As long as I can get in at least 20 minutes of movement, I can tick this box off. During this season where I know I typically indulge more, I try to look for more opportunities for movement wherever I can (e.g. walking coffee dates, playing outside with my baby, standing or walking while on the phone, etc.). Daily movement (NEAT) plays a huge role in calorie expenditure.

Protein Smoothie Daily

This is one helps me stay as close to my protein targets as possible during the holiday season. Typically, food at holiday parties is high carb or high fat, so making sure to get in a protein shake earlier in the day helps contribute ~30g of protein towards my daily target.

Alcohol Once a Week

I try to be strategic in choosing when I drink and which events are really worth it. It’s not just the alcohol that is the problem (although it is calorie dense with zero nutrients) it is the way it impacts my energy, mood and eating habits that night and the next day.

Overall, I try not to be too hard on myself if I overindulge and remember that everyone is in the same boat this time of year. At the same time, I also remember that it isn’t an excuse to go off the rails for 4 weeks. There is no perfect or right time to start – every choice is a chance!

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