Non-Scale Victories

On this blog I have talked a few times about my opinion on the scale. I believe it is one tool that can help track progress, but the goal is to detach emotion from the number and purely view it as data points. I do this by weighing myself every single day and looking at trendlines and averages.

While I am pro-scale (for most people), there are numerous other ways to track progress and celebrate victories. Non-scale victories are just as important as low weigh ins. They can help us build confidence in ourselves which in turn pushes us closer towards our goals.

A non-scale victory I had this week was feeling comfortable enough to wear a certain outfit I have in my closet. My scale weight hasn’t moved, but I felt good in this outfit which I chose not to wear a few weeks prior.

Another example is tracking your workout progress. Progressive overload is absolutely crucial if you are doing a strength training program. Getting stronger a little by little as you complete your program is what develops muscle (and we all want that!). I have been tracking the weights I have been using and challenging myself every 2 weeks to increase the weight- even if it is just by 2.5lbs. If you are limited in equipment/weights you can accomplish progressive overload by doing more reps or taking shorter rest periods.

I also have nutrition related victories that indicate I am making progress. Instead of saying screw it and throwing away the entire day because I indulged at breakfast, I decided to take my next meal as an opportunity to get back on track. Losing the all or nothing mentality is a HUGE win!

These little things add up over time and contribute to your overall goal of being the healthiest version of yourself! Look out for these non-scale victories and congratulate yourself- you are doing better than you think (I promise!).

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