You Can’t Hate Yourself Into a Better Body

We’ve all had it- the “I absolutely hate my body” feeling that rushes over you. It can be triggered by seeing a photo of yourself, stepping on the scale, or the good old fitting room meltdown (happened more times than I would like to admit).

I used to think that hating my body enough would motivate me to change it. This is so far from the truth and actually does the opposite.

Acceptance is not defeat

If I am accepting and loving of my body now, that means I won’t ever change it… WRONG! Accepting where you are at in your journey is not giving up on your goals. It is simply acknowledging the current state you are in. When we choose acceptance over resistance, we can develop a mindset that will work WITH us towards our goals. If you’re trying to get healthy from a place of self hate, everything you do to reach that goal will feel like a punishment. These punishments won’t turn into long lasting habits. Ask yourself- has it worked before? Have you ever hated yourself into better habits? Allow yourself to be where you are… it is freeing.

Comparison is the thief of joy

This was especially difficult for me during postpartum. Not only was I comparing myself to other moms on social media, but I was also comparing my current body to past versions of myself. “On this day 2 years ago” memories that would pop up on Instagram really did a number on me those first few months. Recently while editing videos of my workouts I had thoughts such as “I shouldn’t be wearing a sports bra, I have fat pouring out”, or “I used to be able to squat way more”. I needed to replace those thoughts with: there are things I love about my body and this video shows me being badass and putting in the work to reach my goals! Take a step back and think about who you are comparing to. Why don’t we compare ourselves to the people who haven’t ever started? Or to past versions of ourselves who knew and did less towards our health goals.

Negative thoughts will pop up, it is inevitable. The key is to have strategies to manage these feelings and shift gears. Remember, not only is it okay to be a “work in progress” – it is admirable.

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